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I think the book lights sound like a good idea--- then each musicians has hi
sown individual light source.  Also, oine musician group here in Germany has
little candle hodlers on the sides of their music stands that add enough
extra light, adds ambience--- and they have yet to set themselves, the
music, or the Great Hall of the castle on fire...


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(To the tune of "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer:")

"For you know Dasher, and Dancer, and Dancer, and Dancer, and Dancer..."

Hi all,

In the past there have been a few complaints about dim lighting in the 
musicians area in the tent. I know Octavio and others have brought lanterns 
as supplemental lighting, and hung them from a line between the side pole 
and support pole nearest.

I'd like to buy something to take care of this issue for good. Any 
suggestions? Should I get a hanging lantern? Something that screws into the 
support poles, like a smaller version of the floodlights that light the 
tent? A handful of booklights (the clip-on kind) to hand out each night?


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