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Note on dance in the Barn:   Please e-mail:  ccoate25 at re: Evening
Dance Barn
with questions or to sign up for a night!

Nights we're still looking for someone to head the revelry:
First week:  Tuesday, Thursday
Warweek:  Sunday,   Wednesday (after East Kingdom court, or 9:30 ish, which
ever comes first)
Thursday (after Midrealm court, or 9:30 ish, which ever comes first),
After the barn closes:  Friday?    Saturday?

Starting on Saturday of war week I will have my own set of dance CD's
available for use if musicians are not.
I can e-mail you a list of the songs if needed.

If anyone can bring a RELIABLE boom box to the barn each night for this
purpose- I'd be very thankful.
Yes - Electricity is available so bring a cord rather then batteries.

The going thought this year is:      Any music for dancing is better then no
dancing at all. :)
(Just please, Please, PLEASE if you bring your own CD's- try to keep the
MIDI files to a minimum!)

Each night is up to the individual or group leading; as to what dances; what
type of music...
but plan for 'open/variety'' set lists & non-experienced dancers.
And remember - like the tent this is to also be a safe environment for
dancers of all experiences.
Be a chatelaine to the wall flowers :)

Two questions I've been asked
- As far as I know; Yes.  After Court functions, WE have running of the
barn. By tradition as well as it being in the Pennsic book.  :)
- No, currently this is for Western dance not Eastern/mid-eastern.

Many Thanks to Judith from Drachenweld and Shawna from the East Kingdom who
have already volunteered!!!


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>> * On that note, Lorelei is looking to get a regular dance presence in the
> barn. Since there are on average ten dances a night requested that there's
> no time to do in the tent, the barn gives people an opportunity to dance
> long as they care to.
> * If anyone else has things that they need help for (i.e. ringers in
> classes and whatnot) please let us know!
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