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Greetings to all !  :)  

You're mission-  Should you choose to accecpt it:
Volunteer to lead dance in the barn for one or more
nights at Pennsic.  (this can be during the first
week, or war week.)   
   And/or forward this message on to people you think
might be interested in doing this :)

The dance program/format - entirely up to you.  But
try to keep in mind this is for the general populace
rather then dancers in specific.  You will be
teaching/calling the dances as much as dancing them.
Will start generally around sundown and can go until
people get tired :)

Reason for doing this:
During war week, we have many fine balls/dance revels
planned- but as in the past- the Barn is also
available in the evenings for general dancing and

I'm happy to help the Pennsic dance staff and take
over coordinating this aspect of Pennsic dance. (per
e-mail from Lyev at bottom of this message)  
     It attracts new dancers, provides a good service to
the populace (if only by creating someplace to go
besides the parties), and it creates a "period" socal
   (Ok - and admittedlly - I also dislike seeing the
"puppy-pile" of board teenagers, Magic:TG players, and
RPGamers that have been taking over the barn in the
evening these past few years.)

However, I will be only arriving on-site (at the
earliest) Friday evening of the middle weekend- and I
do not wish to spend my entire War week in the barn :)
 (people to schmooze, bardics to sing, performances to
attend, dance revels to kick up my heels at...)  If
people volunteer for even *1* night, it provides the
service, without taking over one's entire week.

BTW - For future dance masters/mistresses/Laurals; - I
have found this a great way to 'cut teeth' learning to
teach/lead dance to moderately sized groups.  Esp
since the general populace tend to like the simpler
"golden oldies" over anything that would be for
demo's/show peices :)


First obsticle is musicians.  We have a many live
musicians for dance at Pennsic.  But are there enough
to split between the two venues?  Maybe.  Maybe Not.
My first thought - Ask them :)

Overall, the consensus between Adele and Lyev - Use
the "bard in a box" as needed- cuz canned music is
better then no music.  My idea- is to post a big sign
when we're using it- saying something like: "Dance
Musicians Wanted:  Enquire within  :)"   (or

Second obsticle- who's going to lead each night?
I'm happy to take a night or 2 - and work on finding
others to coordinate the rest.  I have a good
collection of CD music- and some sheet music.  
My boom box is flaky, but serviceable.  ((If anyone
could volunteer to bring a good **reliable box**, I'd
apprecite it :) - electricity is available in the

Any volunteers???  (you can sign up solo or as a
   Contact me with which nights:  Cathy 402-980-0886 (you can leave a voicemail if I don't answer);
ccoate25 at (or: whirlygig at  subject: 
"Re: evening barn dance at Pennsic"

Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 
Friday - 
Saturday - 
(war week)
Sunday (tent: English Revel) - __________
Monday (tent: Arbeau Party) - __________
Tuesday (Pennsic Ball/Blue Feather Ball) = HAVE FUN!!!
Wednesday - (east court/midnight maddness)"Dancer's 
Challenge" __________
Thursday - (middle court) 15c Party = ((Lorelei? &
Friday - __________

See you at Pennsic!

whirlygig at

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> Subject: Re: (Fwd) Re: Evening Dance At Pennsic
> To: Catherine Coate <ccoate25 at>
> Lorelei,
> 	Looks good, and I wish you the best! I'd like to
> see the barn re-claimed 
> by the dancers for their "after-revels". My policy
> is that anyone's welcome 
> to try and organize stuff in the barn. I have had
> hardly any luck getting 
> people to run open dancing (even for one set out of
> three) in the tent, so 
> you might have some trouble finding volunteers. But
> any night that you wish 
> to organize stuff is one more night that dancing
> will happen in the barn, 
> and hopefully others will follow your lead. Catriona
> has done work to keep 
> dance in the barn going, and also Moguy (sp? big guy
> with guitar). They 
> might be interested in helping. One musician + one
> person to lead and teach 
> dances = dancing happens!
> 	The pennsic dance list is at 
> you
> can sign up there.
> Thank you again, -Lyev

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