pennsicdance: Last call for Pennsic dance classes!

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Sun May 1 15:06:26 PDT 2005

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

If you have any class you'd want to do at Pennsic, now is the time to get it in!  Today is the 
deadline!  We _might_ be able to put in a couple last-minute entries, if they're in 
_nownownow!_  We've got our own deadline to meet!

You can see current class proposals here:

And you can sign up here:

Leaving out a wide-assortment of late afternoon beginner's classes such as Pennsic Ball 
prep and Focused Beginner Classes, here's the breakdown of the proposed class hours 
right now:

4  16c non-Italian (branles, galliards, etc)
1 15c non-Italian
9 15c Italian
12 mixed bag 
1 Miscellaneous (Quen Quer Que!)
11 16c Italian
1 reconstruction (focus on 16c Italian)

If you feel your particular favorite flavor of dance is under-represented, volunteer to teach a 
class, or convince your favorite instructor to teach a class on it!  :)

Thank you!
Adele Desfontaines

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