pennsicdance: Pennsic classes needed!

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Apr 18 18:17:03 PDT 2005

	There was a brief problem with the class database over the weekend, and 
during it classes couldn't be registered. Thanks to the hard work of 
Gregory and Filip, it's been corrected. If you've tried to submit classes, 
please double check the list of registered classes at to see if they got added.
	If you are thinking of teaching at Pennsic, please register your classes 
ASAP. This way everyone knows which genres are covered, and which need more 
proposals. Right now there are less than a dozen proposals in, which leaves 
us really thin. I'd like to at least have a good idea what's being taught 
in the open sections before I schedule the beginners and ball prep tracks.


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