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L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Thu Apr 14 05:42:36 PDT 2005

Hi all,
	A couple of brief things here. First, I'd like to thank THL Adele 
Desfontaines of the Midrealm for graciously volunteering again to be floor 
coordinator. She is also going to be my scheduling assistant this year for 
the classes. So please join me in thanking her for giving of her time to 
help dance at Pennsic!
	The website for dance class submissions (thanks to the tireless effort of 
Gregory Blount and Philip of the March) is at Please, the sooner you get your class 
proposals in, the easier it is on us (and the more time we have to correct 
typos before they become fixed in print). The absolute deadline is May 1st, 
but please get things in ASAP. If we get enough proposals, then we can 
spare some tireless instructors from the burden of teaching loads of 
classes. Right now there's maybe ten proposals online, which gets us maybe 
two days.
	If you're interested in teaching a beginners or focused beginners class 
(the 4pm and 3pm track), then e-mail me privately. If there are enough 
proposals, I'll schedule some beginners classes an such for some open slots.
	Quick note on e-mail: my preferred account is "lyev at verizon dot net", 
and the alias is dance at "pennsicwar dot org". You can send to either 
(they go to the same box), but the verizon one is the only one that can 
send mail back. Please put a descriptive subject line in, since I get 200+ 
spams and viruses to that account daily. So if the subject is "Pennsic 
dance class question" then I will get to it right away, if the subject is 
"URGENT ASISTANCE REQUIRED" or "Guaranteed eight inches!" then I'll likely 
delete it without opening. (Heck, the person might have needed urgent 
assistance on a dance reconstruction, or they have come up with the step 
lengths for Negri's seguito sepezzato).

In service to dance, -Lyev

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