pennsicdance: Time for class proposals!

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Wed Mar 23 19:15:25 PST 2005

Hi all! I've got three related things to go over, so bear with me a little 
bit ;-)

1. Thanks to the hard work of THL Filip of the Marche, the Pennsic European 
Dance page is open for business at Class 
proposals can be submitted directly on the page until the deadline of May 
1st. The dance webhosting (in addition to this list) are courtesy of Master 
Gregory Blount.
	A couple points:
* Anything submitted is a proposal only, no guarantee that there will be 
space on the schedule (but I will try my best to make sure people can teach 
the classes that they want)
* Along those lines, I would be pleased to have so many proposals that I 
have to take on the difficult job of paring some down (it hasn't happened yet).
* The May 1st deadline is unfortunately hard and fast (the Pennsic onsite 
book is a big project, and we're just one "chapter" of it, and I've got to 
get our chapter in like every other department)
* If there's not enough coverage of classes in some areas, I might plead on 
this list for people to put together proposals
* Feel free to discuss ideas for evening ball/dance party ideas here, and 
submit proposals directly to me.

2. THL Adele Desfontaines has graciously offered to be in charge of the 
floor yet again! Let's all give her our thanks, from the top of our heart 
to the bottom of our feet ;-)

3. Finally, with my new job, there is no way that I can be the Pennsic 
Coordinator in 2006, and I'm going to be looking out to help anyone who 
wants to fill my shoes as of the end of this Pennsic. I don't make the 
decisions on who gets to be Coordinator (that's the Cultural Affairs 
department's call), but I can help anyone better understand what this 
position entails. I'd like to finish up with a really great Pennsic that's 
fun for every dancer, and to do that I'll need your help. So whether you 
teach, help put the floor together, convince a friend to go to a dance 
class, or even offer to fill the water cooler -- all that help is very much 

Yay dancing! -Maestro Lyev Davidovitch

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