pennsicdance: So, who wants to be a Guinea pig?

Philip Edward Lewis flip+ at
Sat Mar 5 16:27:34 PST 2005

So, I've been working on getting a database tied online teacher/class
registration form working.  I think it's ready for a few folks to
start pushing it.

Anyone willing to enter their data in order to pushi it a little?
Fair warning that if something goes screwy, you might have to reenter
at a later date.

If you don't have a class figured out just yet, or just want to put
test data in, start your class description with the word "TEST"
TEST-Relating Bransles to the Hokey Pokey

This will make the test classes easy to remove later.

Note the whole site is still kinda beta... the data should be current,
but it really isn't really pretty... so just deal. ;) 

Let me know if you see anything strange.

You can look at the "registered" class list at:

be safe. 
Ich habe keine Ahnung was das bedeutet, oder vielleicht doch?

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