pennsicdance: Dance volunteers needed!

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Tue Jul 12 13:32:41 PDT 2005

God rest ye merry dancers, may nothing you dismay!
Do you know that Pennsic is just a month away?
There's more to war than fighting and heralds crying "O Yez!"
You can dance thee all day and night, yet again!
Soon you can dance thee all day and night yet again!

Hi folks ;-)

As we all look at Pennsic looming on the horizon, many of you have asked 
how you can help out. Here are some things to keep in mind you can do to 
help everyone have a great time dancing at Pennsic. Yay dance! -Lyev

* Hang out in the dance tent during the day, and volunteer as "ringers" in 
various classes. Often classes for set-dances are just one person short, 
and you can help make it easier for many people to learn a new dance.

* Help with floor assembly, especially with unloading the dance trailer 
during land grab weekend. Many new sections will need to be painted this year.

* Show up around 9am-ish and open up the dance tent and do general 
housekeeping. The person who has a 10am class (and I) will really thank you.

* Empty the trash in the dance tent, replace the chairs in the late 
afternoon, refill the cooler. These are little things that help tremendously!

* Make the musicians happy, for without their dedicated volunteering, we'd 
lack  fine tunes.

* Coordinate dance for an evening in the tent. In the past few years, the 
lack of volunteers meant that I've been doing nearly all of it. This year I 
am not going to be able to do it all, so please, volunteer! An evening goes 
real well (as saves voices all around) if several friends trade off dances 
or sets that they coordinate (such as at Terp this year). I can do opening 
night for the tent (Wed 8/10) this year, can do the next night, but after 
that things are less certain. If you want to find out how fun and easy this 
is, just stick next to me on opening night.

* On that note, Lorelei is looking to get a regular dance presence in the 
barn. Since there are on average ten dances a night requested that there's 
no time to do in the tent, the barn gives people an opportunity to dance as 
long as they care to.

* If anyone else has things that they need help for (i.e. ringers in 
classes and whatnot) please let us know!

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