pennsicdance: Web stuff

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Dec 6 06:39:16 PST 2004

To those who kindly offered web space (and I had to turn down):
	Here's a thought for something you could do to help out -- each year I see 
on the kingdom lists no less than a dozen sites showing pictures from 
Pennsic. Some sites have literally hundreds of photos on them. Almost all 
the photos are of people in armor on the battlefield or sitting around a 
campfire. Seldom do I see photos of the dance activities.
	So, if you have photos of dancing at Pennsic (or anywhere else) and 
haven't put them up on a website, then you too can be goodwill ambassadors 
for the dance community. If people see lots of people having fun at dance 
and in their best garb, then maybe many more will stop by this year! If you 
have a friend who's into photography who goes to Pennsic, perhaps you could 
invite them to one of the dance balls or open dancing in the evening.
	Thanks in advance, -Lyev ("Pennsic -- not just for battles anymore";-)

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