pennsicdance: Webhosting for this year's dance classes needed!

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Thu Dec 2 10:03:28 PST 2004

WOW. I turn my back and there are no fewer than six offers for hosting it! 

I'm going to go with Flip's kind offer, mainly since he's local, and if I 
ever have to get a disk or hard copy to him fast that will be much easier. 
And thanks again everyone who offered!

>I can supply a site... either on andrew, or on my home machine.
>and if a better site comes along, i'll just put a redirect in.

I really don't know which would be better, so it's your choice. Just let me 

>do you need to archive last year's stuff?

Yes I would, although I want to take up Greg's offer for that, since he's 
put up the archive of Pennsic dance stuff for quite a few years.

There's a list of class titles here:
Evenings of dance and dance balls here:
Last year's welcome letter and Pennsic Ball here:

If all that can be saved, all the better. The class descriptions and 
instructors are in an html table here: Probably worth archiving.

Yay dancing! -Lyev 

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