pennsicdance: Webhosting for this year's dance classes needed!

Philip Edward Lewis flip+ at
Thu Dec 2 09:38:21 PST 2004

"L.J. Sparvero" <lyev at> writes:
>	Webhosting for last year's Pennsic dance stuff is about to be lost. Is 
>there someone out there kind enough to host it for this coming year? Really 
>all I'd need is:
>* a durable URL until after Pennsic
>* an HTML page that I can put a list of proposed classes and balls (to be 
>replaced with a schedule)
>* a page for the Pennsic Ball, general dance-at-Pennsic info, and contact infos

I can supply a site... either on andrew, or on my home machine.
and if a better site comes along, i'll just put a redirect in.
do you need to archive last year's stuff?

be safe. 
Ich habe keine Ahnung was das bedeutet, oder vielleicht doch?

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