pennsicdance: New Pennsic dance class ideas?

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Fri Sep 10 06:56:47 PDT 2004

Hi all,
	There was alot of interest in teaching classes that were new for next year 
(keep in mind one of the big topics of discussion on this list last year 
was how to make dance classes for eglitarian, and easier to access for 
people that were newer). Here are some ideas for classes that build on 
existing knowledge, and thus would be "advanced". If anyone else has class 
suggestions that they'd like to see taught, please post them.

Italian galliards: Students should be competent in the basic galliard from 
Arbeau. (Henry taught a fine intro to galliards class last Pennsic, this 
class idea would build on it from Caroso and Negri, maybe including 
practice on the tassle kicks, heck that could be a whole class in itself)

Canario variants: Builds on Lowrie's class

An Italian ballo that has a galliard and a canario section (see how this 
ties in to the above)

La Caccia d'Amore: The whole dance taught in one class period (parts of it 
are taught as intro dances, I'd like to see the whole thing taught, assumes 
you know the names of Italian 16c steps)

Now the 64,000 florin question -- has anyone done reconstructions of the 
above and is willing to teach at Pennsic? Would anyone want to start 
reconstructions of the above? (I'm doing my own research, happy to share 
notes if you want) -Lyev

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