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Elena elena at
Tue Sep 7 05:26:20 PDT 2004

>   Or, is East Realm court going to be shorter from now
>on that the general dancing population is able to dance in the barn 
>earlier, making this all a
>moot point?

What's that?  Up in the air?  Pigs flying?

That is probably the one option I wouldn't count on.  :D

>There are tons of really neat reconstructions out there that simply aren't 
>part of the Pennsic
>repetoire.  I'm not sure if they should be, given the limits of time to 
>dance, the continual
>influx of new people, the expanding Pale, and so forth.  But having these 
>dances done at
>least a little more often, I think, would be a nice tribute to the people 
>who wrote these things
>down hundreds of years ago and the people who spent hours more recently 
>trying to
>figure.out what they might have been like.

Here let me throw another variable into the equation.  I wouldn't mind 
having a few (as in not a lot) dances at a party I host being essentially 
performance pieces.  If you wanted to do something reasonably obscure, 
perhaps you and the 3 other people who know it could request it early 
enough for us to get the music and we could work it in understanding in 
advance that you guys would probably be the only ones who would dance 
it.  This doesn't solve the "where do we practice problem, although the 
idea for the advanced "rehearsal" sounds great.  On the other hand 
practicing, and dancing in appropriate clothing with most of the trimmings 
are two different things, and the latter has its own appeal.

>But, of course, we really do need to encourage the folks who are just 
>starting out, who want
>to do the dances that are actually done regularly at Pennsic and possibly 
>at events back
>home.  So when the heck would we be able to fit time for advanced work in?

Here's my radical theory on the arts and accessibility.  No one asks "A" 
level fighters to only teach less skilled fighters and not fight each 
other.  In fact we have a (horribly named among other things) tourney 
called "The Best of the Best" at Pennsic, because it is one of the few 
venues where fighters of that skill can meet each other.  So while I agree 
most of you should be teaching us lesser skilled dancers most of the time, 
we shouldn't shy away from allowing you'all to let out all the stops every 
now and again.  And I will do my best to supply some small venue to allow that.


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