pennsicdance: Beginner/Experienced/Advanced Classes

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Sat Sep 4 06:48:49 PDT 2004

At 09:15 PM 9/3/2004, J.R.G. wrote:
>I'd like to suggest the following... at the beginning of a class, the 
>teacher puts a sign in LARGE letters on the message board outside, with 
>the name of the class currently in session AND the level of experience 
>required.  That way, passer-by could make a quick assessment of whether or 
>not they're ready for what's coming.

That's a good suggestion, if the instructors want to do it feel free. I've 
tried to highlight the daily schedule by mentioning the classes that were 
listed as "beginners and up" with start times.

Another hint is for the instructors to read aloud the class description at 
the start of each class. Many folks don't look past the title, and if you 
repeat that "This class assumes that you know the basic Italian 15c steps" 
then those who are shaky on it can spend a little time getting a quiet talk 
through in the back of the tent from an assistant instructor, and maybe 
jump in on the second part of the class.

I've tried to encourage people that wanted to teach but didn't get classes 
in on time or didn't feel comfortable teaching their own class to be a 
formal teacher's assistant to someone. But I don't think anyone took me up 
on this mentorship program. There are usually enough helpful and 
knowledgable people hanging out in the dance tent to do this sort of thing.


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