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Fri Sep 3 18:15:51 PDT 2004

Hi, folks... sticking my left foot in....

I only discovered the dance tent and classes last Pennsic, and tried to get to more classes this year, as well as the evening dancing.  I didn't get to as many as I'd have liked.  You folks are wonderful teachers and participants.

I like the idea of different levels of classes being taught, but I also understand the frustration of having beginners showing up at experienced or advanced classes.

I know my efforts to get to class were often wedged between two other activities I had scheduled, and I never quite knew when I'd actually make it to the tent.  As a result, I tended to attach myself to whatever class was going on at the time, unless it looked much more complicated than I could manage.  I think a lot of the class participants do that...just sort of drift in as they see people gathering to dance.  They might not know the level of experience required until later.

I'd like to suggest the following... at the beginning of a class, the teacher puts a sign in LARGE letters on the message board outside, with the name of the class currently in session AND the level of experience required.  That way, passer-by could make a quick assessment of whether or not they're ready for what's coming.

Taking my left foot out...shaking it all about...

--Gillian de Whittemere
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