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Fri Sep 3 12:05:03 PDT 2004

On 3 Sep 2004 at 14:16, Gwommy wrote:

>     Then there's Adele's idea to have advanced dance classes in the
>     off
> hours, say from 7pm-9pm.  This will still allow the ball prep classes
> to run over 2 hours like Judith had mentioned.  Though, I think that

'Til 8, only.... our fantastic party hosts need time to set up!  And Judith's class doesn't always 
run that late, nor does it run the last two evenings the floor is still up. :)  Wander to the tent 
sometime between 6 and 8, watch the tail end of the ball prep (and probably munch on 
dinner during it!), and once the ball prep students feel that they want to go get THEIR 
dinners, the floor is free for use.  It's not like none of us oh-so-intimidating (yeah, right) folks 
ever sit on the sidelines during other classes already! :)

> are it's English country, how hard can it be?  Therefore, I'd like to
> suggest listing them as 'dance rehearsals'. I'm thinking that would

That is, in fact, exactly what someone else (I forget who) suggested last night at Cynnabar 
Dance Practice (I took a printout of the email I sent here).  In fact, it might have been the 
relatively new gentleman who suggested it.  

> scare the newbies away.  And the above average dancer is sure to run
> across one of us who knows what's going on in a 'dance rehearsal' and
> let them in on the secret. ;-)  Don't worry, I'm prepared for you all

That, and in a way it is also a rehearsal.  Considering the number of dances such dancers at 
least try at some class or other, anything done is likely to have been danced at least once by 
plenty of the folks there.


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