pennsicdance: beginners/advanced classes

Gwommy gwommy at
Fri Sep 3 11:16:40 PDT 2004

Here are my replies a couple of the topics.
    I'll start with what Lowrie said about the lack of advanced classes.  I
agree with this.  I found over 80% of the classes to be stuff I already knew
or wasn't interested in.  So it was a little boring for me during the days.
On the contrary, the ratio between beginner, intermediate were good.  As for
raising the number of advanced dance classes, I'd check to see how well
attended the 2 advanced classes were attended this year.  I know the
advanced Bouffons had almost 24 students.  What was the other advanced class
that was taught and how many were there and how'd that go?  We can probably
raise the number of advanced classes a little bit to 4 or 5.
    Then there's Adele's idea to have advanced dance classes in the off
hours, say from 7pm-9pm.  This will still allow the ball prep classes to run
over 2 hours like Judith had mentioned.  Though, I think that these
'classes' should still be listed in the book.  I just don't think that
having it listed as 'advanced dance practice' would suffice.  Beginners
would probably still be interested in going, Especially if it's an advanced
practice for Argeers.  Most beginners are it's English country, how hard can
it be?  Therefore, I'd like to suggest listing them as 'dance rehearsals'.
I'm thinking that would scare the newbies away.  And the above average
dancer is sure to run across one of us who knows what's going on in a 'dance
rehearsal' and let them in on the secret. ;-)  Don't worry, I'm prepared for
you all to throw plums(tomatoes aren't purple) at me if it's a bad idea.

Yay!  Dancing!

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