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I stumbled across an old thread about hiring musicians I realize it's an old thread- so these points might be moot- at the same time from what I read this issue was never resolved.
Someone expressed distress that Wolgamut was hawking CDs
  The CD table is a wonderful idea for those whom it would help.  May I point out, however, that Wolgamut was not the only band hawking their CDs streetside- I saw at least 3 other musicians playing music and selling CDs. Not only that, but this privilage is available to anyone- go to, then to Merchants and Merchanting.  Scroll down to Wandering Merchants for information on the application process.
  I've been at several parties that Wolgamut and/or members of Wolgamut have come to play for free.  They do LOTS of free performances, during daytime as well- I saw members playing at Your Inner Vagabond.
  Last year a camp member got married and hired Wolgamut to play.  As I saw it if you wanted the privilage of having them all there playing at a specific time for an event, you reserved the time and you paid for it.  They are a professional band and there is a high demand for music at Pennsic.  Of course the demands on their time is great- they must get exhausted.
  From what I've seen it's similar to what I did this year.  I'm a Pilates and Middle Eastern dance instructor.  This year through A&S I taught Pilates for the Middle Eastern Dancer as well as performed several times at Your Inner Vagabond.  So that was some of my volunteering.  Some women in a private camp also hired me to teach them a couple classes in their camp.  They approached me about it and were happy to pay me to have me there at a specific time in their camp.  
  To sum it up, many professional artists are more than happy to donate some of their time to performing and/or teaching.  At the same time, many professional artists cannot afford to donate all of their time.
  No, this wasn't timely and I hope it didn't upset anyone.  Just had to express my view on paying musicians.  Thanks.

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