pennsicdance: beginners/advanced classes

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Thu Sep 2 09:22:29 PDT 2004

One other thing to remember is that only a few instructors listed their 
class as either beginners/intermediate/advanced in the description. There's 
also a tendency not to label things as advanced for scaring off potential 

So what does constitute an advanced class?  I labeled my second Buffons 
class as advanced, since you needed to take the first class or have a 
background in the dance (it built on class one). But what about other 
dances that presuppose a knowledge of the basics of the genre (i.e. steps 
and tempo).

Would Saint Martin's be considered an advanced dance? What about Bella 
Gioioso? Parson's Farewell? Gracca Amoroso? The Canary?

Here's a project for the people who have some spare time -- I'd be curious 
to have a list of all the dances that were taught at Pennsic. -Lyev

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