pennsicdance: 16th-c Italian parties at Pennsic

Courtney Meredith Meredith.Courtney at
Thu Sep 2 06:27:31 PDT 2004


I too agree that Elena's 16th-c Italian party worked better than
Caroso-style.  My opinion is that we still don't have a large enough
collective knowlege of 16th-c Italian dances for Caroso-style to work, and
we should let 2 or 3 years go by before trying it again.

Of course, I also think that people who volunteer to organize parties get to
run them any way they want to :)

A note for scheduling ... I think the rationale behind putting the 16th-c
Italian party (regardless of its format) on Wednesday night was the idea
that the session with the least mass appeal ought to take the slot opposite
Midnight Madness.


Meredith Courtney

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