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Thu Sep 2 05:41:55 PDT 2004

Domenico says:
<<<maybe a basic dance class, followed by ball prep,
followed by a focused class. what does everyone else

Judith responds:
<Having Ball prep as the last class of the day is really important because it allows the class to go as long as the students need it to (there were several nights when we danced until 7pm instead of 6pm, because the students really wanted that extra practice).   Personally, I think that the system we have now works really well (it is the system we have used now for three pennsic in a row, for those who might not have noticed).>

I add:
I would like to see more coordination of the day time classes with the night time parties.  For instance, we could have some of the beginning ECD classes on the same day as the English Revels.  I'm not saying that each day only one "flavor" be taught, but that a couple of classes could be devoted, as well as, the ball prep for that day doing some of the overlapping dances (the ones that will be in the main ball that are likely to be danced at that night's party).

I would also like to comment on Adele's suggestion:
<3.  .<snip>....Might also be helpful if musicians are arranged in advance (not sure if all of them were or weren't), so they have a chance to practice the more unfamiliar pieces ahead of time, which again keeps the party moving.>
I don't agree this if it means we start excluding specific musicians, which is what was happening several years ago.  I agree with arranging for a core of competent musicians (which are all of them ;) ) ahead of time as long as other musicians can join this core. 

Sonya aka Patches

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