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Nadine Latief nadine at
Wed Sep 1 20:00:04 PDT 2004

> I'm really trying to encourage people to teach classes that people will enjoy, 
> and that there will be something for everybody. 

Personally, I would like more advanced classes then 2 at Pennsic (using Katherine's stats).

I'm not advocating that we don't prioritize beginners. We definitely should. Heck, I do my share of teaching Peas/Horses/Rufty Tufty (and I even taught New Bo Beep last practice). We need new blood, so we need to teach beginners. But that doesn't mean that we should only have 2 classes out of 57 (not including ball prep) that may teach something new to teachers. Why shouldn't the teachers learn new dances too? No reason to get stagnant. 

It was mentioned that experienced dancers can always find other means to learn. That's right, I learned Maraviglia and Gracca from Fritz, both really late in the night, at Pennsic and KWD. But we don't have to make it so hard for advanced dancers to learn new things. Maybe some people are not socialites and would prefer to learn things without having to buddy up to a teacher. I, for one, would like to have a proper advanced Galliard class, instead of sneaking in a lesson or 2 from friends each war. I'm not saying we should have 25% of our classes be advanced, but is 10% so unreasonable? So at least 6 classes next war that's Advanced Level, pretty please? There really isn't that much venues to learn really hard/complex dances, unless you live in Boston, NYC, or can go to KWD (and the next one is in Australia.)

I like Lyev's idea of a Dance Geek Ball. We can do it in the 'off' hours of dancing, like 6 to 9:30 pm or something. and then have a 'normal' party afterwards. Or even the friday of the first week... the barn should be free, and it won't be 'prime time'.

My 2 ripresas,

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