pennsicdance: Brainstormin' in the Rain

Elena elena at
Wed Sep 1 19:06:42 PDT 2004

>>1. The 16th century party was a HUGE improvement over the Caroso Ball!

Yes, it was, wasn't it. (Humble beaming smile)

So let me thank, not in any particularly order, Lyev who came up with the 
playlist and really kept things working, Octavio who provided the music, 
his wife Marie Celidh who provided the food, Eoin who put up with me and 
got the tent ready, and Adele and Etienne who made sure I knew at least one 
dance.  And all of the wonderful attendees who made my evening really fun.

>People seemed to enjoy the somewhat laid back nature of it, as in a 
>gathering of friends and guests.

Which was what I had hoped for.  As an aside my knight, who DOES NOT DANCE, 
came, had a great time, and is now a fan of the pinwheel game which I shall 
be making sure we dance here in Trimaris.  I think that sort of thing is 
what I want in a party, and it helps some of our non-dancing guests enjoy 
the ambiance.  I was sorry that so few of us played the games at Judith's 

>>3.  On that same note of keeping parties moving, it might help if party 
>>organizers double
>>check to see that the dances on their lists are in the Pile.

My bad.  I shall make sure that doesn't happen again. :(

>It's the ball organizer's responsibility to find musicians, but it seemed 
>like there were lots of volunteers for the balls.

The musicians were amazing!  I presume they enjoy this because they kept 
coming back.  But wow, I was very greatful for their participation and of 
course Octavio's patient wrangling.

.  Save the more focused parties for nights when people have a
>>choice in dance venue.

I shall put in a bid ... right now if Lyev is taking them ... to run a 16th 
century part part duex or rather due, on Monday night.  That should be late 
enough that I have a critical mass of 16th century folks, but on a night 
when the Barn is up and functional as an alternative spot.  If that meets 
with general approval.  I have promised to "kick it up a notch" so we'll 
have to see what that means. :D


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