pennsicdance: beginners/advanced classes

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Wed Sep 1 11:22:07 PDT 2004

<<i think that we need to pack them in at the lower
levels of dancing, and allow the pressure at that
level to drive some of us to excell at the upper
I agree with Domenico on this point; I think that the blend of classes we had this year in terms of beginner/intermediate/advanced served the constituency, as it were, at least that was the feedback that I got from my students.  We advanced dancers tend to teach ourselves the really advanced stuff, anyway, or to find a dark corner somewhere and get brief walk throughs from our peers (not peer in the SCA sense).  

<<i would like to see a daily basic dance movement
class, like the basic beginners class Lyev taught.>>

They basic beginner's classes were daily this year, except on the days when we had ball-prep.  But even on those days with ball prep, we had the focused-subject begeinner classes, which were also geared with the complete beginner in mind (at least the ones that I taught were). 

<<maybe a basic dance class, followed by ball prep,
followed by a focused class. what does everyone else

Having Ball prep as the last class of the day is really important because it allows the class to go as long as the students need it to (there were several nights when we danced until 7pm instead of 6pm, because the students really wanted that extra practice).  Personally, I think that the system we have now works really well (it is the system we have used now for three pennsic in a row, for those who might not have noticed).


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