pennsicdance: beginners/advanced classes

Sean D. Sorrentino sdsorrentino at
Wed Sep 1 10:49:31 PDT 2004

I really liked the basic beginners dance class. i
thought that it was as great idea, and i think it
should continue. i'd be willing to take a day or two
as an instructor of basic dance. 

i think that between Ball Prep and basic dance, we can
serve the beginner/low intermediate crowd very well.
as for the advanced stuff, i am of the opinion that
advanced dancers come with advanced abilities to seek
out dance opportunities. i learned how to do Gracca
Amorosa in a friend's camp! 

i think that we need to pack them in at the lower
levels of dancing, and allow the pressure at that
level to drive some of us to excell at the upper
levels. we all know how some of us are driven to show
off to our peers. i guess there are other motivations,
but showing off works for me. 

i would like to see a daily basic dance movement
class, like the basic beginners class Lyev taught. 
maybe a basic dance class, followed by ball prep,
followed by a focused class. what does everyone else

Sean Sorrentino
sean at
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