pennsicdance: beginners/advanced classes

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Wed Sep 1 10:03:58 PDT 2004

One other note,
	Part of the reason that there may have been more easy dance classes than 
usual was at this time last year there was a big discussion about how the 
dance classes/evening dance selections were not as focused on the "average 
dancer" as they could have been. I imagine that if a bunch more advanced 
classes are offered, we'd get the same complaint a year from now, thus 
completing the cycle ;-)
	I'm really trying to encourage people to teach classes that people will 
enjoy, and that there will be something for everybody. I've tended to 
pester people about teaching dances for 8-people at Pennsic, since not 
every dance practice can get 8 people to learn these. Another thing which 
I'm continually shocked about is how many people tell me things like "there 
are no local dance practices within several hours of where we live" and 
such. Or "Until I took a few classes at Pennsic I didn't realize that none 
of the dances we did back home were period." So there will always be a need 
for several very easy classes.
	But also we need to take care of our more advanced dancers. Who would be 
interested in a "Dance Geeks Ball"? Make a playlist of all the 
harder-but-fun dances (Bella Gioioso, Parson's Farewell, Canary, etc.) and 
have the musicians play one dance after another when they're ready. No 
walk-throughs, no teaching: when the musicians are ready, they just start 
playing. Thus over 20 dances in an evening (with breaks for the musicians) 
is do-able.
	Another note: most people I talked to didn't read the description for the 
class. Several just looked at the title on the schedule, and went to what 
seemed neat.
	For the advanced dancers, what dances would you like to see next Pennsic? 
Maybe someone on the list is working on a reconstruction of That Special 
Dance(tm), and would be delighted to teach it. I'm trying to be fair on 
what I schedule, and not make lists of what I personally want to learn.


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