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Tue Aug 31 20:02:33 PDT 2004

Adele's  list of things was good in general, but I'd like to comment on
this  one:

> 5. Change the scheduling of parties to something along the  lines of
> 8-10, rather than 9-12,

This has been tried in  previous years, and doesn't seem to work...
people just won't show up in  large numbers until o-dark-30. It's worth
watching your clock; most things  scheduled at 9 generally actually
start around 9:30. I believe that was the  case for Elena's party and
the Ball this past year, but I wasn't paying  that much attention...>>
I have to agree with Greg on this point.  In my own encampmenty for  example, 
dinner is not even over and cleaned up until 9pm, and I know this is  the 
case in many other encampments.  Pennsic party time is dark-o-thirty,  and the 
evenings in the dance tent are all billed as "parties" or revels,  basically a 
much more authentic (and in mnsho, more fun) alternative to the  trite, 
frat-style partying that happens elsewhere at Pennsic.  In fact, I  am mildly annoyed 
that we have to end at midnight due to the whims of David  Cooper...

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