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Catherine Dean catherinedean at
Mon Aug 30 20:13:28 PDT 2004

Dear Friends,

I would like to clarify a few things regarding my earlier e-mail.  

First, I do hope that none of the instructors who were so generous with their time took offense at my statement.  If so, I appologize deeply because that was not my intent at all.  I would never criticize anyone for having the enthusiasm, knowledge, and willingness to teach!  I didn't name names before, but I will now.  Henry, Judith, Lyev, and Phillip (our super-instructors!), thank you all for your time, expertise, and generosity.

Second, I agree wholeheartedly with Phillip that "tracks" of courses are great and should be encouraged.  I think they provide a really wonderful opportunity to delve in depth into subjects that can't be covered in a single one or two hour class period.  Again, the intent was never to criticize a teacher for teaching too much, merely to make some suggestions for how to include even more teachers in future.

Third, if I understand correctly, part of the problem was that many people volunteered to teach classes last year after the deadline had passed, causing dissent because the slots had already been filled.  Obviously, then, that places a burden on me (and others who were affected) to help get the word out when the time comes.  Lyev--don't let me forget to post announcements in LoD and to forward reminders to the Atlantian dance list, the Calontir dance list, and to every dance instructor I know who doesn't already know.  I will, however, say that for some folks (and I speak here from personal experience) were slow to submit classes because they weren't sure when or even whether they would be going to war this year.  I understand that it is necessary to set an early deadline in order to get classes arranged in time to be in the booklet, but might it be possible to put the deadline a bit closer to the overall A&S deadline (which, I think, was May 1 this year)?  Just a thought--feel free to ignore it if you disagree.

Finally, as Domenico so eloquantly pointed out, these are just my opinions.  I don't expect everyone to agree with me on everything, but healthy, positive, and constructive discussions are vital to improving Pennsic Dance!

And to end on a positive note--thank you once again to all of the wonderful instructors, callers, dancers, and MUSICIANS who made this year's war such a memorable one for dance. 


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