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Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Mon Aug 30 13:37:37 PDT 2004

Greetings -

I'd like to add my thanks to Katherine's for all who taught at the War.  I 
had a great time and it looked like so did everyone else. I saw some pretty 
huge classes and had really good times at evening dance.

Don Lyev - You did an awsome jon and it was really appreciated by everyone - 
not just a few.  You did tons of work supporting dance this year - you and 
your staff should be thanked many times over.  It really helped all the 
pre-planning you did in addition to being avaliable on site.  Both very hard 
things to manage and stay current with.  I especially appreciated the 
website avalaiblity.

So - I'll admit I am one of those instructors who taught a lot of classes 
(admit? hello its in the booklet...). Anyway - I really feel that Pennsic is 
the best place for an instructor who wants to do a series of classes to 
really have a good oportunity to do it.  Kingdom and Local events dont have 
a large enough draw so would be lost.  And KWDS class space is at an even 
more premium and during a severly limited time frame.  I looked at Pennsic 
as a chance to really cover my theme as best I could - because the more I 
worked with it (reconstruction) the more I realized that 1 hour wouldnt cut 
it and that I needed some practicum classes.

Post-event - I really think it was worth it, but it was also really hard to 
do.  And judging how my classes turned out, I dont think the kind of class 
series I taught would have been suitable for any other event.

But, on the other hand, I dont know that I would vollunteer to teach this 
many classes if they had not all been within the same concept.  I had only 
heard at Pennsic that there were people who were wanting to teach that got 
told no, and I hope no one feels that I took a chance to teach away from 

But - it was all great fun.


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