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L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Aug 30 12:39:29 PDT 2004

And thanks Katherine for compiling the statistics, and giving me a very 
good segue into next Pennsic's call for teachers:

Do you think teaching at Pennsic is neat? Would you like to help out? Then 
the time to think about getting a class together is *now* ;-)

Last year I guaranteed anyone that put in requests by March would get up to 
4 slots in the "general classes" times. I think only two people gave me 
more that 4 requests by then, of which I set aside the extra ones until April.

I put out the call for classes in January 
( By March 
there were only a few people who volunteered 
( but lo and 
behold, almost all the slots were filled by April I debated 
keeping a few slots open for last-minute classes, but that would mean that 
the on-site class booklet would go to press with blank slots.

By custom, the 9am and 5pm slots on most days were held for last minute 
additions, and some people did take advantage of that.

Part of the reason the scheduling is done several months in advance is to 
accommodate the on-site booklet publication schedule -- my deadline to get 
things in was May 1st last year, and I wanted a few days to proofread like 
crazy for incorrect times or titles on classes.

Assuming this is the case next year, it's probably a Real Good Idea(tm) to 
start thinking of what you want to teach. If you have someone with an 
interest in teaching in your local group, please mentor them and encourage 
them to teach if they are planning on going to Pennsic. There are 
experienced instructors (myself included) who would be quite happy to give 
suggestions on what could make a good class or a nifty handout. Maybe start 
teaching your class to your local dancers (to help with teacher's stage 
fright -- I know I still get it sometimes ;-)

As last year, the partial schedule will be posted on the as classes come in. People are free to 
see what genres and dances are not covered, and to put in requests as 
needed. I know I had to beg a few people to cover some specific genres that 
were underrepresented. But if there are no requests, I can't cast a "Summon 
Dance Expert" spell (need another 1500xp to go up a level;-) I would *love* 
it if we were so organized, that this list would be a-buzz by early next 
year with people excited about teaching and lots of new teachers for next year.

Along those lines, is there anything I can do to help mentor people? I'm 
going to be travelling to the usual bunch of dance events, and if people 
would actually be interested in having a "how to teach dance classes" 
workshop, let me know.

Yay dancing, Yay dance teachers, Yay Pennsic dance! -Lyev

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