pennsicdance: Announcing the Book of Dance V!

Catherine Dean catherinedean at
Tue Aug 3 13:55:28 PDT 2004

Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to announce (at long last!) the publication of The Book of Dance, vol. 5.  This volume contains articles, reviews, reconstructions, choreographies, and parodies from issues 33-40 of The Letter of Dance, an newsletter created by and for the SCA Dance Community.  Subjects for this volume include a lively discussion music theory as it relates to reels, period middle eastern dance, several articles on the Gresley Manuscript, reconstructions of La Volta, a new ECD choreography, a choreography for a canario, as well as some excellent reviews of books and cds.

Copies are available for purchase at Cafe Press for $15 plus shipping.  The website is:  Moving to cafe press (which does print-on-demand) has helped keep production costs low while providing the dance community with a beautifully produced product that will never go out of print because I don't have the time or capital to have dozens of reprints made.  I hope in future to add additional merchandise with a dance theme if there is interest, thoughts, comments, etc. are most welcome.  All minimal proceeds go directly back into the Letter of Dance coffers to offset the cost of publication of the newsletter.

In addition to the new book, I still have copies of Book II ($9) and Book IV ($15) available directly from me.  And, of course, subscriptions to the Letter are always available--$12 to US addresses will get you 8 issues (about 2 years).  Please contact me at letterofdance at for more information.  

TWO SPECIAL OFFERS: Pre-order your copy of Book V now for delivery at Pennsic and save on shipping costs!  Or, order copies of Book II or Book IV now for delivery at Pennsic and save $1 each.  Contact me at letterofdance at

In Service,
Katherine Mercer
Editor, The Letter of Dance

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