pennsicdance: PDF typo

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Sat Jul 31 11:56:21 PDT 2004

At 01:15 PM 7/31/2004, Philip Edward Lewis wrote:
> >There's a typo for Friday Aug 20. The schedule times should read:
>ARG!!! sure... noone could find this *before* i made printouts...

My bad on this, I can make up a bunch of copies once it's corrected. The 
schedule is still accurate other than that last day.

I'd like to get some plastic sheet protectors for hanging a copy of that in 
various places. If you have some extras that you'd be willing to give, that 
would be great. We're probably not going to have much in the way of money 
left under "supplies" this year with the delta copies of the pile.

The white board is mine, I'd prefer that it stays in the tent this year. 
Would someone be willing to make and hang a few big signs on cardstock or 
something to go in the barn to let people know the first week that dance is 
in the tent? I'd feel a bit worried about a white board disappearing if 
left in the barn.

Later, -Lyev 

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