pennsicdance: Dance organization stuff

Nadine Latief nl33 at
Fri Jul 30 20:44:59 PDT 2004

Can we have another white board at the barn like we did at the dance tent 
last year?
I really liked how it listed what was going in the dance tent that day.

If we have one by the dance tent, and one by the barn, it will be very 
useful. And one by the information point if we really want to overkill.


>1. Getting the word out where and when dancing takes place in the evenings.
>We are still in a period of transition with the dance tent, and I'd hate 
>to think that there are people that will miss evening dancing on a night 
>just because they didn't know about the dance tent. We have web and 
>on-site booklet publicity on this, but I'm need of more people on the 
>ground, especially for the first week (when evening dance is in the tent, 
>then the evening balls are in the tent and the open dance is in the barn).

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