pennsicdance: Dance organization stuff

Philip Edward Lewis flip+ at
Fri Jul 30 11:53:57 PDT 2004

"L.J. Sparvero" <lyev at> writes:
>Does anyone who will be there early want to do me the favor of making up a 
>few flyers and posting the information?
I just printed 20 (double sided) of the PDF versions of the schedule.
These can go up at the dance tent, info point, and at a few places in
the barn.  (extra's were printed in case they dissapear)

If I get time, I might design/print a companion "Where is Dance" sign
that is larger and more eye catchy.

Now... all i have to do is remember to bring them.

be safe. 
Ich habe keine Ahnung was das bedeutet, oder vielleicht doch?

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