pennsicdance: Dance organization stuff

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Fri Jul 30 06:27:53 PDT 2004

Couple of short things:

I'm going to be taking a look-see at the dance trailer Sunday of land grab 
around noonish, I want to make up a list of anything that will need to be 
bought before floor assembly. I probably won't be on site Monday or Tuesday

Floor assembly is Wednesday of 1st week (Aug 10th), 10am is when I intend 
on being there, but if Domenico wants to start earlier it's up to him ;-) 
I'll try to provide some snacks and one power drill. Anyone that can show 
up to help, especially with a charged up drill, will have my gratitude ;-) 
The more drills, the shorter time assembly takes.

Disassembly is after the absolute beginner's class is finished, 5pm on 
Friday Aug 20th. Same applies. Although I'm scheduled to teach that 
beginner's class, I might be stuck on the battlefield until 5ish, so can I 
pass it off to someone?  I have a few people who didn't get a class of 
their own this year cause the schedule got full fast, I'm going to ask them 
privately first, but if any of you are interested drop me a line.

Two big things that I'll be especially in need of help this year:

1. Getting the word out where and when dancing takes place in the evenings.
We are still in a period of transition with the dance tent, and I'd hate to 
think that there are people that will miss evening dancing on a night just 
because they didn't know about the dance tent. We have web and on-site 
booklet publicity on this, but I'm need of more people on the ground, 
especially for the first week (when evening dance is in the tent, then the 
evening balls are in the tent and the open dance is in the barn).

Does anyone who will be there early want to do me the favor of making up a 
few flyers and posting the information?

2. Running evening dance in the barn on Saturday Aug 14th and especially 
Monday Aug 16th. A few people have tentatively offered to run these, the 
best thing will be to get in touch with me once I'm at Pennsic. As always, 
if anyone wants suggestions on making a balanced playlist, I'm more than 
happy to help. Keep in mind those two nights have an Italian ball of some 
sort going on in the tent, so the barn dance list is likely to be sparse in 

Thank you all again, I'm looking forward to dancing with as many of you as 
I can!

-Lyev  (so much fabric, so little time until Pennsic....)

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