pennsicdance: Bransle du Chandelier (Candlestick)

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Jun 28 07:01:40 PDT 2004

At 03:23 AM 5/10/2004, Judithsca at wrote:
>Hail, fellow dancers!
>     How have various people reconstructed and performed the Candlestick 
> bransle?  The directions are so wonderfully vague that there is so much 
> room for interpretation.  I am curious how various people have put the 
> written instructions into practice.

One other thing that I found is that apparently Michael Praetorius's music 
for of this branle has the B-part repeated. As in, take Arbeau's B-part 
(which has one repeat) and play it twice (which equals a total of four time 
through the written notes). At least this is from a music CD with Torches 
Branle attributed to Praetorius. I rather like dancing to the longer B-part 
myself. -Lyev

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