pennsicdance: Fan for dance tent

Nadine Latief nl33 at
Mon May 24 10:00:25 PDT 2004

 >>1. Storage space.
 >We have plenty of room in the trailer for a fan or two.


 >I would not be adverse to designating a 4x4 section of the floor to
 >having a few "hasp" locking points. At which point we could
 >"reasonably" store an electronic music box and/or the fans.
 >>4. Money (though I think people will chip in for it).
 >might be an issue... not sure where the budget status is this year.
 >We might have time to put in a request.

Someone told me that a box fan is only $10 or so. I would be willing to 
donate a fan if it's less then $30, and can grab something at Walmart. 
Though I don't plan to arrive at Pennsic until the Fri/Sat just before 
second week.
If it really only costs $10, having it stolen wouldn't be as big a deal, 
but those locking points sound great.

As for the sound/modernity issue, I'm not sure how to address that. 
Personally, I would take being cool and comfortable over the annoyance of 
having such an appliance. It may get more students out of the chairs, 
fanning themselves, and more on the dance floor.

We could also put a cover over it for teachers who are offended by such 
instruments, or hide it under a table.

The barn already has a (big) fan, fyi. I'm not sure if the musicians were 
ever bothered by it.


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