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L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Feb 16 10:48:16 PST 2004

At 01:20 PM 2/16/2004, Elena wrote:

>>  Toss the Duchess (SCA Branle de l'Official),
>No comments of substance, but now that I am one, I am more of the mind 
>that we could lose the initial title of this dance. ;)

To your most noble Grace, and fine patron of the arts of Terpsichore -- 
your enemies tremble at the sound of your southern army marching behind 
you, and your allies are awestruck at the sounds of your kingdom's fine 
musicians! I would hope that you would again delight us by hosing a dance 
ball this coming year.

I certainly hope this title doesn't result in hordes of uncouth lords 
yelling "Hey, she's got strawberry leaves! Quick, ask her to dance it!" 
;-)  The reason it's listed that way is to distinguish the partner-swapping 
version of B. Official from the other that follows Arbeau's instructions 
(and thus has no partner swapping). In the past I've used "SCA Branle 
Official" and "Arbeau's Branle Official", but that's ambiguous. Both dances 
are in fact "SCA" ones, as anything done in the SCA ;-) and both are 
Arbeau's (even if the partner-swap one adds things that are not specified 
in Arbeau).

If you or anyone else has a better way to phrase this, please let me know ;-)


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