pennsicdance: RE: Pennsic Ball Tentative dance list for commentary

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Mon Feb 16 08:38:01 PST 2004

>There are 28 pieces
>on this list (including one branle suite TBD), even though there's no
>teaching at the Ball I'm tempted to trim the list by a few so as not to
>wear out our noble musicians.

As long as you give them set breaks and make sure they have water - I do not 
think you will have any trouble with them keeping up for the ball.  Lots of 
the dances they should be pretty familiar with already.

I've tried to keep a balance of genres and
>complexity in this. -Lyev

I think its a good balance. I'm game. :-)

You could add Cassule.

>15c Italian dances: Rostiboli, Petit Riense, Gelosia, Anello, Belfiore, 

I like amoroso or Leonchello over Lauro.  I dont think Lauro goes over very 
well - but that may be here, or on off nights when I am danicng at Pennsic.

>16c Italian dances: Gracca Amoroso, Caccia d'Amore (pinwheel part 4),
>Bizzaria d'Amore, Lo Spagnoletto, Laccio, Ballo del Fiore

I dont know Laccio.  I'd like to see people doing Il Villanicco more.

>16c English: Ly Bens Distonys, Black Alman, Madam Sosilia's Alman


>16c French: Pavan to Belle Qui, Galliard (la fatigue), Toss the Duchess
>(SCA Branle de l'Official), Horses Branle, Branle Suite

I just want charlotte.  Pinagay is fun.

>17c English: Jenny Pluck Pears, Hearts Ease, Rufty Tufty, Hyde Park,
>Newcastle, New Boe Peep, Black Nag, Gathering Peasecods

I like Jenny Pluck Pears - but everytime I call for it people groan.  I 
think i am tired of seeing Rufty Tufty and Hearts Ease together - but i know 
people like it a lot.  (I still dont like New Boe Peep - but I know people 
love it....)  Maybe add If All the World Were Paper or Saint Martins.  I 
really like Hearalds in Love - though it is SCA choreography - and I think 
people like it a lot too, esp at double time. :-)


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