pennsicdance: Pennsic Ball Tentative dance list for commentary

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Fri Feb 13 09:50:27 PST 2004

OK, my 2 cents
     firstly, the bransle suite, is it

     secondly, of the 16 dances that i have picked for
my personal instruction repertiore, you have only
missed these

Queen’s Almain
Lorayne Almain
Sellengers Round
Turkish Bransle
Hearts Ease

what's the chance you can add them in? 

aside from that, i think it is a pretty good list. it
looks like i have a few dances to learn. 

--- "L.J. Sparvero" <lyev at> wrote:
> 15c Italian dances: Rostiboli, Petit Riense,
> Gelosia, Anello, Belfiore, Lauro
> 16c Italian dances: Gracca Amoroso, Caccia d'Amore
> (pinwheel part 4), 
> Bizzaria d'Amore, Lo Spagnoletto, Laccio, Ballo del
> Fiore
> 16c English: Ly Bens Distonys, Black Alman, Madam
> Sosilia's Alman
> 16c French: Pavan to Belle Qui, Galliard (la
> fatigue), Toss the Duchess 
> (SCA Branle de l'Official), Horses Branle, Branle
> Suite
> 17c English: Jenny Pluck Pears, Hearts Ease, Rufty
> Tufty, Hyde Park, 
> Newcastle, New Boe Peep, Black Nag, Gathering
> Peasecods 

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