pennsicdance: Arbeau's Coranto

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Fri Feb 6 20:19:44 PST 2004

Sorry I wasn't really clear about Arbeau's Coranto -- on page 124 of the 
Evans/Sutton edition, he describes:

"And when a dancer's companions perceive that he is weary, they go and 
steal his damsel and dance with her themselves" (!)

As with the Alman, this is in the middle of a description of some less than 
good dancers "...who have never been taught what a simple is, nor yet a 
double...." But he is documenting partner stealing, even if he doesn't 
condone it.

I wasn't referring to the first section of the Coranto, where on the 
previous page three and gentlemen and three ladies play "hard to get" with 
each other.

Hope this helps answer your question! -Lyev

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