pennsicdance: Pennsic European dance class requests now open

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Jan 26 07:28:00 PST 2004

Hi all,

Requests to teach classes, organize balls, or evening dancing are now being 
taken at

I'm sticking with Greg's system of ball-prep, focused beginner and absolute 
beginner classes that has worked great. On St. Patrick's Day, I'll schedule 
the class requests that I've gotten by that point, and then remaining time 
slots for classes will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

As dance class requests come in, I'm going to post on the list and the 
webpage for things that need covered. For example, "Five people are 
teaching 16c Italian, but no one yet is teaching French or English 16c" or 
"Could someone please teach Rufty Tufty and Hearts Ease, since neither are 
being taught so far?"

Here are a couple things that I'll especially need your help on ("you" as 
in the part of the dance community that's interested enough to be getting 
this list ;-)

1. More teachers are needed
Without new teachers, we will gradually lose all the stalwart teachers who 
have made Pennsic a great dance event. Our modern culture is far more 
mobile than most period cultures were; job issues might make people have to 
skip Pennsic or accept employment where travel to Pennsic is impractical. I 
would very much like to keep a group of new teachers going, ready to step 
in and take the lead.
To further this, there will be an expanded mentoring program this year.
There are many heads of local dance guilds and travelling dance instructors 
that come to Pennsic each year, and I would be very happy if each one of 
them offered to teach just one class this year.

2. People to run evening dance
Last year, evening dance almost didn't happen a few evenings for lack of 
dance organizers. After-midnight dance in the barn actually didn't happen a 
few evenings for the same reason. I'm willing to run several evenings 
again, but I greatly need your help to cover the rest. Sadly, I can no 
longer fight on the field all day and dance all night (it's the 
get-a-real-job and not-be-a-student thing ;-)  So I would appreciate people 
to cover the after-midnight open dancing.

Thank you again for your service in past Pennsics, and I hope this year 
will be even better!


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