pennsicdance: beginners/advanced classes

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Thu Sep 2 13:30:09 PDT 2004

Sonya writes:

I add:
I would like to see more coordination of the day time classes with the night time parties.  For instance, we could have some of the beginning ECD classes on the same day as the English Revels.  I'm not saying that each day only one "flavor" be taught, but that a couple of classes could be devoted, as well as, the ball prep for that day doing some of the overlapping dances (the ones that will be in the main ball that are likely to be danced at that night's party).

I meant to comment on this ealier.  Lyev and I tried to coordinate the classes that way, and we managed to succeed as far as the two Italian parties were concerned (I taught 15th c. the day of mine, and the focused beginner on Wednesday was Catherine's 16 th. Italian).  The problem is that the days that people volunteered to teach did not always coordinate with the days of the parties, and we cannot force people to teach on days that they cannot/ do not want to.


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