pennsicdance: Pennsic classes

L.J. Sparvero lyev at
Mon Apr 5 07:10:32 PDT 2004

Hi all,
	The very-preliminary class schedule is up at
(actually Adele's two cascarde classes have been added at 11am first 
Thursday and Friday, so the schedule is already out of date ;-) There are a 
few broken links and such that are being fixed now, but if you're teaching 
I'd appreciate if if you could double-check your info (my typing is not 
prefect). I can put as long a description as you want on the website, but 
the copy for the hardcopy book should be 40 words max.
	If you want your class to be in the hardcopy of the master class schedule, 
then please get me your description before April 30th. Changes and 
additions can be done after this, but you might not get as many people in 
your class.

Key points:
* I am astounded by how many people want to teach classes. Bravo! There 
still are a few slots open, so please keep the classes coming, especially 
if you're not already teaching.
* How would people feel about teaching at 5pm? That time is open, to allow 
spill-over from the absolute beginners/ball prep classes. I might make that 
slot open for repeated classes or new ones. But if people think it's a 
lousy time, then I won't.
* Same goes for 9am slots (mid-morning to the rest of the A&S community ;-)
* I've claimed some of the more unpopular slots that were open for my 
classes. If someone really needs to have a slot I'm listed in, please feel 
free to ask me. Along those lines, I've kept Friday morning open 
(traditional time for field battle, but no idea what the schedule will be 
like this year since there are 27 warpoints.) I'll schedule someone for 
that slot if they specifically request it.

Thank you all again, -Lyev

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