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On Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:13:57 -0400 Greg Lindahl <lindahl at> writes:
> These are the notes that Alejandra took during the Friday meeting,
> 8/17 at Pennsic. My comments are in [].

> Musicians: problem that all musicians not welcome to play at Caroso
> Ball/dance party. [ The Caroso band has always been closed. ] Not 
> true that all musicians were not welcomed for masked ball (that was
> year; this year all welcome); new musicians welcome, important to
> bring in - music packet available in advance, thirteen sent out.  
> For
> Caroso Ball/dance party, wanted musicians who had the same music and
> had practiced together.  For masked ball - musician practice session
> in advance? [ We've tried the last before with little success, but
> it's worth trying again, it might work better since we're mailing 
> out music in advance. ]

There could be both a Caroso Ball music practice and a masked ball music
practice. If the head musician for each of those balls ran the practice
that would be ideal.
> Beginner classes.  Good to have on a regular schedule (4pm daily).  
> Issue of broad survey vs. focused classes - too many periods in one
> class for people to really absorb?  Maybe need both broad and
> focused beginner classes (3pm and 4pm?)  More slotting in general
> with class levels beginner/intermediate/advanced?

Possibly there could be more classes on style.

> Drawing in new dancers.  Only c200 people out of c12,000 is not good
> (perception that dance has shrunk over the last few years.)  Middle
> Eastern dance has been growing; better organization/promotion?

I gathered some facts about dance classes this year at War to share. 
Hopefully this will spur people on to doing teaching since we had very
few teachers and fewer classes than the Middle Eastern Dancing.

There were:
7 Non-European Dance Classes
66 Middle Eastern Dance Classes
48 European Dance Classes by 14 individually listed teachers and the
Pennsic Dancemasters
with 5 teachers teaching 1x,  4 Tchrs teaching 2x, 1 Tchr 3x, 1 Tchr 4x,
1 Tchr 5x, 1 Tchr 6x, 1 Tchr 7x, DncMstrs 10x

There were 28 unique dance class titles with 1 class taught 10x, 1 class
taught 3 times, and 9 classes taught 2x and 17 classes taught once.

Classes by type (according to class name or description) were:
Intros 	 10
Mixture 	6
Italian 	 13
French  	2
English 	9
Morris 	2
Scottish 	2
Ball 	1
Cabal 	1
Social 	1
Viking 	1

Here is the list of the 28 unique class titles.

 Altezza d'Amore 	 2 classes
 Bassedanze of Master Guglielmo
 Bella Gioisa, or Jousting Anyone?
 Brando di Cales 	2 classes
 Dance Masters' Cabal
 Dances of Romeo and Juliet
 Dance Potpourri with Uncle Sion 	2 classes
 Dancing the Old Measures 	2 classes
 Fedelta d'Amore 	2 classes
 Fifteenth-Century Italian Dance for Dummies
 Galliard Technique
 Galliard Variations
 I Lost My Partner!
 Intermediate/Advanced Scottish Country Dances
 Intermediate English Country Dance
 Introduction to Dance 	 10 classes
 Italian Balli for Five People
 It's All About Love
 Heys Are Not for Horses 	2 classes
 Masked Ball
 Morris Dancing		2 classes
 New Dances in Old Styles 	2 classes
 One, Two, Three 16th-Century Italian Dances 	 2 classes
 Preparation for the Ball 	3 classes
 Rosina's Potpourri
 Shakespearean & Elizabethan Dances
 Beginning Scottish Country Dances
Vikings DO TOO DANCE! Period Norse Ring-Dancing

Sol la Cantor

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