pennsicdance: feedback wanted

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Aug 27 12:26:10 PDT 2001

I'd like to hear feedback about dance at Pennsic this year. Send it to
me and I'll summarize. Here are some examples:

1) Pennsic Pile of Music, and music in general

   Parsons' Farewell had a repeat error creep back in

   some dancers were confused by the tempo which I
    was asking for for Amoroso and Black Almain

2) Masked Ball

   would be better later in the week

   band was hard to hear at times

   extra set of music (after midnight) was a good thing

3) 15c/16c dance party

   The person running dance in the barn that night put up
   a sign saying "Dance is canceled, go to Gregory's party."
   That isn't right; if people want to dance in the barn,
   they are welcome to do so, especially since parties in the
   dance tent are likely to have a restricted theme.

Any others?

Gregory Blount

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