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These are the notes that Alejandra took during the Friday meeting,
8/17 at Pennsic. My comments are in [].


Notes from Friday 8/17 organizational meeting for next Pennsic

Thanks to Philip & crew for the floor.  Thanks to Gregory for running
the masked ball and hosting his party and the Caroso ball.

Masked Ball on Monday - good or not?  Some people liked, some annoyed
by early in the week.  Problems scheduling around various kingdom
courts, esp. Aethelmarc court - didn't settle on definite time until
very late.  Problem with having on any court night - court tends to
run late and could affect ball start time.

Not good: having the Masked Ball, dance party, and Caroso ball on
three consecutive days; series of late nights, heavy burden on person
running (could be solved by having different people run each.) [ The
point was that dancers get tired, not just the organizer. ]

For next year: Caroso ball is ready to move to the evening.  Possible:
one of the big events on Sunday night - spread them out a little.

Musicians: problem that all musicians not welcome to play at Caroso
Ball/dance party. [ The Caroso band has always been closed. ] Not true
that all musicians were not welcomed for masked ball (that was last
year; this year all welcome); new musicians welcome, important to
bring in - music packet available in advance, thirteen sent out.  For
Caroso Ball/dance party, wanted musicians who had the same music and
had practiced together.  For masked ball - musician practice session
in advance? [ We've tried the last before with little success, but
it's worth trying again, it might work better since we're mailing out
music in advance. ]

Drawing in new dancers.  Only c200 people out of c12,000 is not good
(perception that dance has shrunk over the last few years.)  Middle
Eastern dance has been growing; better organization/promotion?

Caroso ball perceived as too intimidating/political/egotistical/etc.
and unwelcoming for beginners.


Dance expo/demo, perhaps as part of performing arts expo.  Problem:
most European dancers are social dancers, not interested in
performing.  Tried once by Carolingians - grueling, very hard to get

Guerilla dancing/wandering dancers - easy to drag in new people, but
does it actually "stick"?

Dance tent - needs more publicity, people don't know about/get to.

Dancing in barn - needs more publicity - get regular nightly dancing
into official schedule so people know when to come; problem again with
long courts - people don't wait around if dancing is not starting,
they leave and don't return.  Perceived problem: we are becoming
marginalized year after year - getting pushed out of the barn,
starting later, harder to get/keep critical mass.

Classes next year - Alys stepping down; new people to work with,
possible Pennsic oversight committee (ongoing); should we form our own
continuing body/committee - permanent group to interface with War

Communications problems with Alys - no idea when things are scheduled,
no idea what has been scheduled, what holes are left.  Must get
control over our own class schedule/track at least in the dance tent.
Need to communicate what classes have been suggested (a la KWDS) so
we can avoid overlap, fill holes.

Do we still need the barn?  Good for larger classes but the floor
is awful and there are frequent disruptions/noise from other groups
using the barn for meetings/hanging out.

If we are controlling the dance track/dance tent what do we do about
"other" forms (capoeira, hindu temple dance, etc.)

Issues about a dance oversight committee - communications; email
required?  How to decide who does what - how to resolve conflicts if
multiple people want same position (such as running the masked ball).
Need a statement of purpose and/or list of priorities - what do we
want?  General problem of getting decisions made in a consensus
organization. [ I have a suggestion for this which I'll mail out
later. ]

Beginner classes.  Good to have on a regular schedule (4pm daily).  
Issue of broad survey vs. focused classes - too many periods in one
class for people to really absorb?  Maybe need both broad and
focused beginner classes (3pm and 4pm?)  More slotting in general
with class levels beginner/intermediate/advanced?

Volunteers for roles next year:

Patches for [a] dance party [ she didn't say what theme she had in mind. We
can have many dance parties during the war; that's the nice side effect of
having multiple places to dance. ]

Gregory for masked ball

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