pennsicdance: Dance Floor

Philip Lewis flip+ at
Wed Jul 18 10:05:49 PDT 2001

Speaking of dance floor and getting volunteers. ;)

I have only received offers of help from three people (Thanks Michael,
Elaine and Vivian!)  And it's likely to take more bodies than that
without completely wiping out the lot of us.

I've also yet to receive any parquet designs.... I have a few generic
ones (though my artistic abilities are limited), and a few people have
said they were going to submit some... Designs should be in dark brown
light brown (tan) and reddish brown. They should be designed to fit in
a 3.5 foot square. (half a sheet of plywood + a 3 inch border of dark
brown. (previously i stated 6 inch, this was a mistake because
abutting pieces for a 6 inch division... doh!)

A small update:
When speking out lumber for this, one of the owners of the company
suggested a subfloor laminate.  its a tongue and groove .75 inch
plywood meant to be very level and have few seams.  No tripping

the guy said it was plenty smooth and costs about 70% of plywood of
the same thickness... only caveat is that fitting the tongue in takes
a little more time in assembly.  The added stability and tight seams
outweigh this in my opinion.

More Information (what i need and skills required by helpers) found

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