pennsicdance: schedule summary

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Mon Jun 25 06:49:20 PDT 2001

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> A few things about the schedule:
> First use of the dance tent is Saturday the 11th, for 2 hours of ball
> prep. There are 3 2-hour ball prep classes, plus the daily
> "intro to dancing class".
> The "Dancemasters Cabal" is scheduled against the Caroso Ball.

We need to fix that.  Joshua, you should send mail to Dame Alys about

> The Masked Ball is listed in the schedule as starting at 7pm and
> ending at 10pm. We'll have to be sure to bribe the heralds etc. to announce
> that it starts at 9pm and ends at midnight.

Consider "the heralds" bribed.  I'll make sure it gets fixed in
announcements (since I'll be there anyway).


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